“A rarity among sports memoirs: a non-ego-driven celebration of an all-star athlete.”
— Library Journal, Starred Review

“Rich, entertaining . . . fans will inhale his tale of smarts and perseverance.”

“Loaded with grit and heart and soul . . . written with sweet smoothness and insight. It is also the best book I have ever read on the psychology of that complex and marvelous creature called the pro athlete.”
—Buzz Bissinger, author of Father’s Day, Three Nights in August and Friday Night Lights
just tell me i can't

Baseball Hall of Famer Yogi Berra once observed that “90% of the game is half mental.”  For the late Harvey Dorfman, a sports psychologist who had a profound effect on dozens of big league stars over the years, it was more like 100%.  Just ask Jamie Moyer, the oldest pitcher to ever win a major league game.  Moyer’s working relationship with Dorfman lasted for more than 20 years, and in his extraordinary and inspiring new memoir, written with Larry Platt, JUST TELL ME I CAN’T: How Jamie Moyer Defied the Radar Gun and Defeated Time, Moyer provides a frank, intimate look at just what pitching is — the mystery and mastery of it. He also reveals, for the first time ever, the powerful teachings of Major League Baseball’s best kept secret, Harvey Dorfman.

Fans of the National Pastime have known Moyer’s name for more than 25 years, because that’s how long he’s been pitching in the bigs. With his trademark three pitches (slow, slower, and slowest) the former All-Star and World Series champion left-hander is a pinpoint specialist whose won-lost record actually got better as he got older — from his 20s into his 30s and into his 40s.

In truth, Moyer was just about finished as a big leaguer in his mid-20s until he fatefully encountered Dorfman and began listening to the insights of the gravel-voiced, highly confrontational sports psychology coach. With Dorfman’s unparalleled guidance, Moyer began to re-invent himself and reconstruct his approach to the game. He went from being a marginal big leaguer to one of the winningest pitchers of all time.  Moyer, who turned 50 in late 2012 (and hasn’t closed the door on pitching again), is one of the first major league stars to openly discuss working with a psychologist to turn his career around. Everybody in the baseball world knows Jamie Moyer’s name, but no one knows the real story behind his success — that of Harvey Dorfman’s influence.


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